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One more sight is a peculiar geological feature of Chimgan. The red color of the hills, containing iron oxide, was formed in the Neogenic period. There are also ancient lava beds. Interesting species of plants include juniper forests; flowers, including tulips and eremurus; shrubs and Alpine meadows. Mountain rams and bears, marmots, as well as eagles, partridges, owls, nightingales and many others live in this region.

Chimgan is located 25 km (30 - 40 min) from the regional center, Gazalkent, 30 km from the settlement of Charvak. The nearest international and local airport is in Tashkent, 100 km, or 2 hours. It is possible to reach Chimgan from Gazalkent by public bus in 50 minutes. The routes Chimgan-Gazalkent (departure at 6.30 and 13.00) and Gazalkent-Chimgan (10.30 and 14.30) leave from there. It is also possible to reach this place by private car, including taxi. The road is accessible at all times during the year, only in spring restrictions are possible due to landslides and mudslides, and in winter owing to avalanches. Alternatively, it is possible to arrive by helicopter (their use is limited, however).

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