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Contract Sample



Tashkent city                                                                                                                         _____/__________2012  year


JSC FREE TOUR Uzbekistan, further called "Tour operator", on the one hand and ______________________________, further called "Agency" on the other hand, signed the present contract as follows:

1 . Subject of the contract

1.1 "Tour operator" assigns, and "Agency" assumes liability on sale of tours in Uzbekistan for tourists on the terms provided by the present contract. "Tour operator" can also render services in room reservation for tourists of "Agency" in hotels of Tashkent. The current routes and services are coordinated according to correspondence. Number of tourists, schedules and programs, the cost of rounds, etc. have to be reported by "Agency" to "Tour operator" by fax or by e-mail in advance. (for a group - not less than in 15 days, for an individual rounds not less than in 10 days prior to arrival).

1.2 The cost of rounds are specified in appendices and invoices. Appendices are an integral part of the present contract.

1.3 In case of the change in price for the above services, the appendix can change as agreed by the parties.

 1.4 "Agency" has to direct demands to "Tour operator" on tourist groups for booking of hotels. "Agency" has to inform in detail "Tour operator" (in writing, by e-mail, the fax) number of tourists in each group, routes, dates of trips according to special requirements, free trips if those are available. At special requirements "Tour operator" has to report to "Agency" the cost of additional services.

1.5 "Agency" warns tourists about ultra-violet and biological influence and some basic infromation about the country.

1.6 Service of tourists has to be carried out according to an invoice, which is given out to the "Agency" with the indication of number of group, number of tourists, a name of the round leader, date and round duration, cost and the list of services.

1.7 The invoice is considered valid if it is signed by both parties, and is under seal or sent by e-mail.

2 . Services provided to tourists by "Tour operator"

2.1 "Tour operator" undertakes to serve all tourist groups, according to the invoice which has been given out by "Agency". "Tour operator" as provides the additional services, the additional cost of which is mutually coordinated in advance.

3 . Terms of payment

3.1 Payments under the present contract for service have to be carried out by "Agency" in US dollars, by a bank transfer, at 100%.

4 . Force majeure

 4.1 At emergence of force-majeur circumstances (earthquakes, floods, fires, etc.), not allowing implementation of obligations under the present contract exempts the parties from payment to other party of the damage which has arisen on these circumstances.

5 . Settlement of requirements

5.1 "Tour operator" doesn't assume the obligation for damage or loss of personal things in hotels and beyond their limits, damage caused to health of tourists, etc., during their stay.

5.2 "Tour operator" takes the obligation to render all medical care to tourists during their stay, but all expenses on medical care have to be refunded by an insurance of the client or Agency.

6 . Solution of disputes and disagreements

6.1 All disputes and disagreements which can arise during the present Contract, have to be settled as agreed by the parties. In case of lack of the mutual consent, all disagreements are solved through Arbitration. The decision of Arbitration is final.

7 . Changes and additions

7.1 All changes and additions under the present contract are valid only in writing and are signed by both parties.

8 . Period of validity of the contract

8.1 The present contract comes into force from the date of its signing and works to the notice in writing of one of the parties on cancellation of the present contract.

8.2 Cancellation of the present Contract is made according to the written notice of one of the parties in 3 months prior to cancellation date.

8.3 The present Contract is made in 2х copies, on one for each of the parties and have identical validity.



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