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Tourism infrastructure

Essential structural changes occur in sphere of tourism in the Republic of Uzbekistan. Tourist business in the Republic of Uzbekistan is in a stage of structural reorganization and institutional formulation, formation of intraindustry, interindustry, inter-regional and foreign economic relations. The tourist infrastructure is being improved, the corresponding segment of a labor market is being formed, a new system of state regulation over tourist activity has been created.

A National Company "Uzbektourism" was established on July 27, 1992 by the Decree of the President of Uzbekistan № UP-447 «On formation of a National Company "Uzbektourism".

In order to perform the Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated December 9, 2003 № UP-3358 "On perfection of a system of republican state governing bodies" and aiming to provide an effective control system in sphere of tourism there has been reorganized a National Company "Uzbektourism" (hereinafter referred to as “The Company”). The Company is considered as an authorized state body in sphere of tourism and in its activities is accountable to the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan. The company is the main coordinating body, which provides the development of a unified state policy in sphere of tourism within the territory of the Republic Uzbekistan.

The NC "Uzbektourism" system includes the following:

  • The Samarkand, Bukhara, Khorezm regional branches; 
  •  PE “Agency for traveling and excursions to the regional centers of the Republic of Uzbekistan”;
  • PE "Republican scientific-educational consulting center";
  • PE "Central management of scheduling and services";
  • and other subordinated organizations.

The company carries out its activities in cooperation with other state governing bodies, governing bodies on places, public associations and other organizations.

The main objectives of the Company are:

  • To provide usage of a unified state policy in sphere of tourism, assistance in formation of the tourist services infrastructure;
  • To implement the state programs on tourism development, programs on providing protection and safety of tourists, interindustry and inter-regional coordination of tourist activity;
  • To provide certification of tourist services;
  • To implement an advertising-informational policy in sphere of tourism;
  • To attract foreign credits and investments into the sphere tourism development, development of long-term programs of cooperation with foreign countries, and their companies as well;
  • To implement a number of measures on preparing, retraining and improving professional skill of the staff for sphere of tourism, assist in development of the tourist field science.

In accordance with the assigned tasks the Company carries out the following functions:

  • Develops main strategic directions of developing the tourism in Uzbekistan;
  • Participates in development of projects of normative-legal acts on tourism development;
  • Carries out functions of the execution body on licensing tourist activity;
  • Carries out certification of tourist services in accordance with the Law "On tourism";
  • Develops offers on perfection of the statistical reporting system in the sphere of tourism;
  • Organizes marketing researches in the sphere of tourism;
  • Carries out analytical work and determines main tendencies and forecasts of the tourism development in the Republic;
  • Prepares offers and organizes coordination of the performance of targeted, industrial and regional programs on tourism development;
  • Carries out activity on advertising-information supply of the tourist services implementation;
  • Carries out cooperation with national tourist administrations of the foreign countries and their representations in the Republic of Uzbekistan; 
  •  Provides interaction with the World tourist organization (WTO) and other international organizations connected with tourism and represents interests of the Republic there; 
  •  Participates in activities on attracting investments to the tourist industry development;
  • Develops investment projects in the field of tourist infrastructure development; 
  •  Carries out analysis of observance in the external market of the interests of the Republic of Uzbekistan and on this basis prepares offers on elimination of the negative phenomena in tourist sphere; 
  • Implements international programs on professional training for the sphere of tourism.

Voluntary health insurance

Insurance protection 

Compensation of expenses for rendered medical services by enterprises cooperating with insurance company, injuries, chronic disease exacerbation, poisoning, accident in the range of chosen medical program (medical program is a checklist of services at your opinion) and sum insured.

Dispatching Service Centre, functioning in “Uzbekinvest Assistance” Service Agency ,structure, receives requests from the Insured on the following insurance types:

  • Voluntary medical insurance;
  • Motor vehicle insurance;
  • Travel insurance.
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