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The ancient city of Shakhrisabs (which means Green City) is indeed buried in verdure of orchards and vineyards. Architectural landmarks of Shakhrisabs are at least 500 years old with the famous Ak-Saray Palace and the Jahongir mausoleum built in the late 14th-early 15th centuries among them. Shakhrisabs is a traditional center of folk arts, especially embroidery, with many art pieces highly commended during international exhibitions in Canada, Turkey and Japan.

Is also should be mentioned that it is a homeland of Tamerlane.

UNESCO has decided to place the ancient city of Shakhrisabz on the list of world heritage memorials, a city which has left a significant mark on world civilization. The 2700th anniversary of the foundation of Shakhrisabz has been celebrated, demonstrating to the world the ancient values of this land, its greatness and beauty.

When we talk about Shakhrisabz we always imagine an evergreen city, with clear skies surrounded by the high Gyssar mountain range. Since time immemorial this city has been famous for its skilled craftspeople whose traditions are still being practiced in the wide-scale restoration and construction work that is being carried out even today. Today's Shakhrisabz, still maintaining it's traditional, historical appearance, has moved on to the next phase of its evolution.

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