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Tashkent has the status of the official capital of the sovereign Republic of Uzbekistan, an administrative center of the Tashkent area, the largest city on population in Uzbekistan and in Central Asia.

Capital city -Tashkent

On a place of the today's capital there was a settlement which was called Shash-tep, or Chach-tep. Shash-tep can be translated from classic sogdian language as "Six hills". Later, the city which was called already as Shashkent, was transformed to Tashkent and now it is possible to translate it as "The stone city".

Population of the city of Tashkent according to census for 2009 was about 2 206 300 people. In 1982 the population of the city made 1902 thousand persons, and the territory - 256 That time Tashkent  took the fourth place in the USSR by number of citizens (after Moscow, St. Petersburg and Kiev).

Tashkent is a place where more than forty embassies of the various foreign states are concentrated.  Here many other diplomatic missions, representative offices of the various international organizations work as well.


Architecture of Tashkent in the run-up to the 2200-year anniversary, having kept the historical attractiveness, at the same time is updated and enriched with the new humanistic and esthetic contents. So, about 200 thousand sq.m. of sidewalks and paths, 50 km of networks of an artificial irrigation are capitally repaired, over 5 thousand hectares of the areas are planted trees and shrubs.

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